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Bikini Model Photo Gallery #14
7th Annual Rally in the Valley and Hot-or-Not Bikini Calendar Photoshoot
Checkpoint #14 - TAZERS - October 11, 2008

6017 Pine Ridge Rd Suite 73
Naples, Florida 34119-3956
Jeff Wenger
Shawn Slattery Photography
Las Vegas, Nevada
San Diego, California
Shawn Slattery

TAZERSŪ are more effective than handguns or any other type of firearm, because you really can shoot first and ask questions later. You can shoot safely from 15 feet away and no one can resist it. Your attacker, mugger, burglar, stalker, rapist, and serial murderer will go down and stay down! Protect yourself! TAZERSŪ fire 50,000 volts of disabling power from 15 feet away with lasersight accuracy. Order online 24 hours a day for free delivery.
          Shawn Slattery is an accomplished fulltime professional photographer specializing in glamour, models, cars, fashion, business portraits, sports, weddings, commercial products, family portraits and all types of special events. We are very fortunate that he was able to convince Vanna Lace to model for us. Vanna has won the Miss Nude World title twice, has appeared in numerous videos and magazines, is a Penthouse cover girl, has a Real Doll™ modeled after her, and is currently a performing burlesque star.

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This model has asked that we remove her photos. See her other photos at

Protect Yourself - TASERŪ fires 50,000 volts from 15 feet
TASERŪ fires 50,000 volts from 15 feet away

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